Confirming Starbucks “spoof”

January 14, 2009 at 2:21 am (peace) (, )

Today I read a translated email of “Howard Schultz’s Thank You Letter to Starbucks Customers”. Been bitten many times by lots of hoax in the past, I searched about it.

Urban legend found it as a “spoof”. Those of you, dear readers, that wish to believe that his hands are not bloodstained, can stop reading here.

Its analysis give a link to the original content. I followed the link and end here. The full letter and an update by the writer, stating

However, all the statements I made in that letter about donations, sponsorships, political views etc. – are based on factual Howard Schultz actions and quotes, as 1/2 hour of ‘Googling’ will easily confirm to anyone interested.

We all believe what we choose to believe.

Screenshot here


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