Many factors affecting postges performance

January 13, 2009 at 8:23 am (development, geek, science) (, )

found here. Maybe I’ll revisit this.

But there are so many variables involved in
database tuning as to make such a claim hard to swallow. For instance
. . .

> fits their system best? I figure (somewhat simplistically) that most
> settings are more related to available memory than anything else, so

. . . your figuring here is indeed simplistic. Every day I see
requests for help from people who have followed the rule of thumb “1/4
of memory for shared_buffers”, except that they’re also running
apache+jakarta, MySQL, and a mail server on the same box. They wonder
why the stock advice is so wrong. It’s wrong because a
general-purpose tool is almost never going to come pre-set for every
possible workload you might want to throw at it. So even “how much
memory” there is on the machine is a question that is harder to answer
than it might seem. Disk layout, data access patterns, even the
filesystem you choose can make significant differences in how the
system performs.


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