Two articles about offshoring/outsourcing

December 2, 2008 at 12:51 pm (development) (, , , )

I found two articles in a series about offshoring and/or outsourcing. They have lessons we can learn, as a company and as a (future) outsourcee.

The result is an industry whose symbol is “the Blue Screen of Death”; an industry whose probability of delivering a project on schedule and on budget is lower than the cure rate for most cancers.

There has to be something intangible in the U.S. that causes this. That intangible is that Americans interact in a manner that is contusive for software development.

For example, suppose an American programmer forgets, let us say, the name a Unix shell command. He knows what it does and has used it in the past but today he cannot remember the name. The American programmer immediately asks the person in the next cubicle, “What’s the name of the command that does…” He gets the answer in 2 minutes and feels no shame for asking such an easy question. In many countries a programmer in the same situation will spend a week going through manuals to find the answer. Asking the person next door to get the answer would be humiliating.


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  1. Nasihat yang penting untuk calon tenaga offshore « hungry mind perpetually wanders said,

    […] December 2, 2008 at 12:58 pm (development) (IT, offshore, outsource, outsourcing) Buat kawan-kawan yang mengharapkan limpahan rejeki dari negeri orang, mumpung di “sana” lagi krisis, ada dua artikel yang bagus mengenai outsource dan/atau offshore. Perlu dibaca agar kita tidak jadi pelajaran / contoh buruk seperti Firaun dan kawan-kawan. Sudah kutuliskan di sini. […]

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