Pentaho CDF Installation Manual

December 2, 2008 at 7:22 am (java) ()

Today I have to learn to use Pentaho Community Dashboard Framework (CDF). Downloaded it, I can’t find how to install it to existing installed Pentaho. Wandering, I found it here.

Manual Install of CDF when not using Pedro’s installation project:

1. Select form project-cdf/patches either the folder target-preconfiguredinstall or target-preconfiguredinstall-tomcat, depending if you are running JBoss or Tomcat.

2.Copy all files from the subfolders of target-preconfigured… into the respective subfolders on your machine.

(CAUTION: Do not copy web.xml, but add only the tags (2) related to the Dashboards.jsp to your web.xml)

3. Copy the Dashbods folder from project-cdf/solution to your solution repository

4. Copy all files from the subfolders in project-cdf/patches/project-cdf/solution to the respective subfolders in your solution repository

That should be it!

The portion that needed to be added to web.xml is






  1. Marcin K said,

    • Reza Primardiansyah said,

      @Marcin K
      thanks. I updated this post.

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