Worrying on Google Map Maker

June 25, 2008 at 10:36 am (mapping) (, , , , )

Lately I found out that Google lauched Google Map Maker. Predictably, this will encourage people to build up map collaboratively. This makes me feel uneasy, because the maps will be “derived work” of google map, meaning owned by Google. From here I get Steve’s commentsebagai berikut

The terms of use are hilarious – the bottom line seems to be that Google ends up owning excusively the entire aggregate work, but it is your fault if anything goes wrong.

Things like this make me tend to collaborate with OpenStreetMap rather than Google, even though it’s aerial imagery has lesser detail resolution (for Indonesia, at least).

Sure, I believe that it’s better for us all if Google has willingness to help openstreetmap and doesn’t claim exclusive ownership to the maps.


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