Free Ruby e-books

June 17, 2008 at 10:11 am (ruby) (, , , , , )

LinkMingle gives us a list of free Ruby books.

  • Mr Neighborly’s Humble Little Ruby Book
  • Chris Pine’s Learn to Program
  • Programming Ruby: Pragmatic Programmer Guide
  • PLEAC Ruby
  • Sapphire Steel :: The Little Book of Ruby
  • Ruby User’s Guide
  • Data Structures and Algorithm with Object Oriented Design Patterns in Ruby
  • RubyGems User Guide
  • Learning Ruby
  • Ruby Programming-Wikibook
  • RDoc Documentation
  • Ruby Standard Library Documentation
  • Ruby/ Meshplex
  • Build Your Own Ruby on Rails Web Applications : Free Preview




  1. Diego Guillen said,

  2. rubymx said,

    please can you post the links, a mere simple text list doesn’t help
    that’s what i think, however Thanks for your advice…

  3. rubymx said,

    Agradezco mucho tu atencion y espero leer avidamente tu Libro
    Mil gracias Bye

  4. n00b_c0d3r said,

    Thx for the list , it has some book I don’t have.Too bad Programming Ruby 1.9 is not free !

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