Fighting terrorism with deceit?

June 9, 2008 at 9:27 am (Life, religion) (, , , )

Watching Photo Tampering Throughout History in Scientific American, I shocked that it still happens in this “modern day”. Dated 1997, This last slide of ten showed that

After 58 tourists were killed in a terrorist attack at the temple of the pharaoh Hatshepsut in Luxor, Egypt, the Swiss tabloid Blick digitally altered a puddle of water to appear as blood flowing from the temple.

This is the image
Fake blood

Clearly that tabloid exagerrated that incident. C’mon. Are 58 deaths not bad enough? Or it tried to fight terrorism with lie and deceit?

With media like that, no wonder there are so many paranoids and xenophobics.

Melihat-lihat Photo Tampering Throughout History (Rekayasa foto sepanjang sejarah) di Scientific American, aku betul-betul kaget saat tahu bahwa itu masih terjadi di “jaman modern” ini. Tertanggal 1997, slide ke sepuluh ini membuktikannya

Setelah 58 turis tewas oleh serangan teroris di kuil Firaun Hatsheput di Luxor, Mesir, tabloid Blick dari Swiss mengedit foto sehingga luapan air terlihat seperti aliran darah.

Ini fotonya (mungkin harus kusimpan,ya)
Fake blood

Dengan media kayak gini, gak heran begitu banyaknya paranoid di sana.


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